We love designing + planning weddings; helping couples envision + execute such an important day is truly an honor but we also find value in taking a broader perspective.

Regular giving + volunteer opportunities are an important part of our Linen and Lilac values.  We invite our couples to select from our list of non-profits for us to make a donation in their honor.  The groups below were selected not just for their dedication to the communities they serve, but because they speak to us personally.

Read below to learn about why we selected each group. Click on each logo to learn more or watch a video on the work that each group does. We look forward to working with you while also helping these non-profits thrive! Fill out our contact form to start planning your wedding with us today! 

The Mosaic Project

Before Linen and Lilac, Linda was a 5th grade teacher at Peralta Elementary School in Oakland. For years Linda was lucky enough to witness first-hand the work of The Mosaic Project, as they say, breaking the cycle of fear, prejudice, discrimination, + violence. Mosaic's week-long outdoor school is an, "immersive experiential education program teaching children about in diversity, empathy, and conflict resolution."

Mosaic's goal to create more peaceful communities by uniting children of diverse backgrounds and teaching them the tools to become peacemakers, hits home for us as a much needed experience for all children in order to help us work together towards a more just and peaceful world.

Supporting this Oakland-based group helps fund not only the outdoor school program but their other in-school programs, community programs, + family camp programs. 

Animal Rescue Foundation

Growing up we had a number of family pets, both cats and dogs. However, when Leslie + her husband got their first little pup, a golden retriever named Winnie, Leslie fell head over heels in love with animals and developed a real heart for animals in need. 

We particularly love their Pets for Vets program that provides specially selected shelter dogs to vets with PTSD or emotional trauma, their All Ears Reading program that brings dogs to local libraries providing a captive, non-judgmental, + loving audience for young readers, and their ARF Emergency Medical Fund which provides affordable, high-quality veterinary care for pets of low-income Contra Costa residents, "ensuring that pet owners won't need to choose between self care and pet care."

Supporting this Walnut Creek-based foundation will help ARF keep them continue all of their incredible programming! 

Comfort Zone Camp

If you haven't yet discovered, we are sisters. Like many modern families, ours is a blended one. Our mother died when we were quite young and, while we adore our blended family, our hearts are with and honor the struggles of children who lose their parents, primary caregivers, or siblings. 

With camps in California, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, Comfort Zone Camp provides a space for grieving children to create authentic connections, have fun, tell their stories, learn heathy coping strategies, and build community. 

Death can also lead to difficult financial burdens so supporting this group will help Comfort Zone Camp continue to provide the camp program, support programs, and travel scholarships to campers in need. 

1951 Coffee Company

When we were first introduced to 1951 Coffee Company we were excited about the group's mission to, "promote the well-being of the refugee community in the San Francisco Bay Area by providing job training and employment to refugees and asylees while educating the surrounding community about refugee life and issues." We had never seen anything quite like it! The name honors the year that the United Nations first set guidelines for the protection of refugees that were then expanded in 1967. 

Your support of 1951 helps keep their cafe up and running, expand their outreach, and increase training opportunities. 

Creative Growth 

We first learned about Creative Growth at an Oakland Art Murmur event many years ago, after which we began to recognize work from their collective of artists around town at our favorite restaurants + shops.

Both having extensive art backgrounds, we are always drawn to creative endeavors but, beyond our love of art, we are inspired by Creative Growth's mission to celebrate the artistic achievements of all people. 150 adult artists with mental, physical, and developmental disabilities participate in their Studio Program, creating work in a wide variety of visual art mediums.  The program also provides a range of opportunities for their artists to show and sell their work. There is a Saturday Youth Art Program for youth ages 16-22 with developmental disabilities and a rug workshop which provides Creative Growth artists a job with hourly pay making limited edition rugs in the studio. 

Supporting this Oakland based non-profit helps provide professional grade materials, high level art instruction, + exhibition opportunities to the artists working at Creative Growth.