We are passionate not just about giving back with our own means, but also with providing our wedding clients opportunities + resources to organize sustainability and giving efforts on their own. Below are some of our favorite organizations + opportunities within the wedding industry. 

Repeat Roses

Flowers are one of our most favorite, and truly one of the most impactful, elements of any wedding design. That is why we were so thrilled to discover Repeat Roses.

Repeat Roses extends the life of your florals and honors the time, talent, resources, and product involved in creating your special wedding florals by, collecting, cleaning, rearranging your wedding flowers before delivering them to local nursing homes + treatment centers.  Bonus? They will also compost any items that are not reusable! 

Repeat Roses makes this process simple and painless for the couple + for all your vendors and venue. While they are not a non-profit, they do work to make sure that you receive a letter showing your tax-deductible donation for the flowers that are repurposed and the joy brought to the those in nursing + treatment centers is invaluable! Watch a video about their process + mission here. 

The Good Beginning

It's true that our lives are filled with a lot of stuff. While it is so special to get that perfect every day china, that kitchen aid mixer you'll use to make countless batches of cookies over the years, or a fresh set of towels, we know that there are many clients who need + want less stuff. For those, we suggested adding The Good Beginning to their registries.

The Good Beginning makes it easy to include charitable donations as part of your registry by streamlining the process for you and making it clear and simple for your wedding guests. Head over to their website to learn about one of the many charities + non-profits they already have set up for donations, or add your own if you don't see your favorite cause on the list! 



The Princess Project

Your bridesmaids look gorgeous in the most perfect dress for your wedding day, but let's get real, for many bridesmaids, despite your best efforts, that dress will gather dust in the back of her closet. That's where The Princess Project comes in. 

The Princess Project provides free prom dresses + accessories to high schoolers who could not otherwise afford them.